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Raye and Ted love Barbie movies, and have far too many opinions about them to keep quiet about it.

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Apr 29th, 2022 by raye & ted at 9:15 pm

Have you ever wanted to hear Barbie say "Mom, Dad, you're ruining my life!?"

Are barbie movies about feminism?

We have another voice actor in the running for "most annoying sidekick voice" and we all wish that this movie was about Brietta and her wife the cloud queen.

Join us in "Barbie and the Magic of the Pegasus"

Apr 13th, 2022 by raye & ted at 11:34 am

This is our "friend" "Mariposa"  who we've most certainly met before and didn't just create to help Bibble learn an invaluable lesson. 

Featuring Chiara Zanni as Barbie Mariposa in the 4th instalment into the Barbie Fairytopia Cinematic Universe (BFCU if you will). We listen along as Elina tells Bibble a story about her friend the butterfly fairy. 

Feb 4th, 2022 by raye & ted at 11:11 am

We're back! Thought you could get rid of us so easily? Tch. Unlikely.


Today we're reviewing the lovely Barbie as the Island Princess, which is the second musical in the BCU.

Do the animals talk? Yes. Is there colonialism undertones? Absolutely. Dose the Bad Guy have a mole???? Of course. Join us as we complain about Tika and fall in love with Princess Luciana.

Content and Capable 

Fandoms Gone Wrong



Aug 2nd, 2021 by raye & ted at 4:36 pm

Elina makes some new friends in the third instalment of Barbie: Fairytopia. She does this through breaking and entering, showing off in class, and releasing an evil witch lady from an eternal frog curse- wait. Elina! That's not how you make friends!

Join Literally The Angel Raphael and Ted as they consider if Bibble's character development has taken 50 steps back or not.

(sorry this took us 4 months)

Apr 27th, 2021 by raye & ted at 5:12 pm

Do you like Barbie? What about... TWELVE of her!? (actually only one of them is "Barbie" and the rest are played by other dolls-)

Raye and Ted watch The Twelve Dancing Princesses and ask the important questions, such as: why do all of these siblings have different colored hair? Why did they decide to adapt this story at all? And why did this episode take so long to come out?

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Oct 31st, 2020 by raye & ted at 9:41 pm

Raye and Ted deviate from their formula to bring you a Halloween special! Listen as they continually forget the show's monster puns, come up with their own monster puns, forget characters' names, and in general put out the content that you've come to expect from them except this time it's spooooooooky.

If you live in the United States, don't forget to vote! Drop off your ballots, wear your mask to the polls, stay safe and help us increase voter turnout!

Sep 2nd, 2020 by raye & ted at 7:20 pm

Barbie is off on a grand new adventure, called... going to high school. Raquelle is there, kind of. Also the animation is really different for some reason??? This could be the strangest (or just maybe, most normal) Barbie movie yet. But the music SLAPS.

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Jul 30th, 2020 by raye & ted at 4:44 pm

Is Nori a giant bisexual? (Yes.) Is Elina a lesbian? (Also yes.) Did Raye's audio get messed up? (Yes and we are so sorry.) Do we like Bibble in this movie? Listen to find out. There's some hot takes in this one, folks, hold onto your tails.

Apologies for the late upload, everyone! This podcast is a labor of love, and we're going to keep trying to get it out to you. And remember: stay inside, wear your mask, black lives matter, trans rights.  |

Last week's episode (in case you missed it) 

It's Act IV of our continuing Princess and the Pauper saga! Enjoy the episode, take care of yourselves and Black Lives Matter!

Check out the Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper Movie Album.

Music used in this episode: Barbie Girl by Aqua, the Seinfeld theme song, as well as Written In Your Heart from the soundtrack of Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.


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May 1st, 2020 by raye & ted at 1:16 pm

Is it one fungus two fungi? Or one fungus two funguses?? Is Bibble worse than Minions?? Yes. You don't even need to listen to us talk about it to know that. 

Join us in the fifth installment of Barbie Movies Slap to listen to Raye and Ted talk about Barbie: Fairytopia! 

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